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Monday, April 13

Easter Weekend Re-Cap

I don't know where last week went, I thought I had blogged but I guess I didn't. I thought about blogging, does that count?

Friday night we took the boy to an Easter Egg Hunt - in the dark. He had to use his head lamp to run around the field to find the eggs. He brought his best buddy and they had a great time. They were both a little disappointed that they were only allowed to pick 4 eggs each.

Saturday we went to a family yoga class at Jai yoga. He was the only boy, but I don't think he noticed. It was a great hour, I loved seeing him love it as much as I do. He asked to go back next month, so I think we will put it in our schedule!

Sunday brought an Easter Treasure Hunt at my Mom's house. The Grandkids got together and ran around with a sheet of clues that they used to find their treasures. It was great seeing them using their heads to figure out where the treasure would be.

My Mom and I cooked dinner as usual. I made a recipe that I saw Martha make on TV last week, a turkey roulade. The stuffing was the best part...but the turkey got a little bit dry. I also made some roasted baby potatoes. I had picked up the pink on the inside baby potatoes at the local farmer's market on Saturday...they were delicious with a few beets tossed into the mix. She cooked a ham, salad and asparagas with carrot cake for dessert. It was a yummy meal that I'm still working to burn off, though I did pass on the ham!


  1. sounds like you had a great day! I saw that turkey recipe with Martha & Emeril last week too..looked yummy.

  2. Kids do make the holiday, huh?! No pics of the finished turkey dish??! Little V looks like he had a great weekend. Get your summah clothes's supposed to be near 70 degrees on Friday! Woohoo!

  3. glad to see that all is well in your corner of the world... been missing you!!


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