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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Wednesday, June 11


Bug, originally uploaded by CatherineScanlon.

Have I mentioned that I love adding plastic (or real) bugs to my projects?? I'm pretty sure I have...but anyway. Just wanted to share a few images of some things I've been working on. I finally completed, got approval and mailed all my assignments to EK this week and decided to start working on a submission for the Fall/Winter issue of Sew Somerset. (oh, and I've got several things coming out in the Special Holiday edition to, found that out on Friday - excited about that!!)

I'm working on several fun things for my submission and these two images are sneaks for you. In other areas, I'm really worried and sad for my friend Leslie who's son is in San Antonio being treated for injuries he sustained in Afghanistan. To the point where I check her blog several times (no more than that) a day to see if she's posted an update on how he's doing. The last couple of days have been pretty tough on her. I'd appreciate it if you could continue to keep them all in your prayers!

In other news, I Inspire Me is LIVE....go check it out and play along!! The pages that everyone created for this challenge are AMAZING....I'm really happy to be playing along with this. I hope you'll all play along too!


  1. I love your bugs and the sneak peeks can't wait to see more! Praying for Leslie and her son, so sad :( they will be in our prayers

  2. OHHHH... you are such a tease!!!!!!!!! I want to SEE! lol

  3. I do like your bug... Could fancy having it in my garden...
    Nice blog - found you through Ewa-Christine.


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