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Tuesday, June 24

The TURTLES are back...

She's Laying her eggs, originally uploaded by CatherineScanlon.

and making a mess of our lawn! This one made a huge mess over our septic tank, and I think she laid her eggs there too! I fixed it up, but this is the second time I"ve taken the rake and spread the dirt back to it's former glory, sans grass. Turtle season is just starting too, hrmph!

Sorry I've been so MIA, just can't seem to get myself on the computer much at all....but I'm feeling guilty about not blogging and not keeping up with my friends that blog too.

School is out, and that means Little V is home with me. This week he has a half day Summer Bible camp that he's going to. I've been using the time running errands after dropping him off so he doesn't have to be bored with in and out of the car.

I got my hair cut today, about 2 maybe 3 inches off. Of course I came home and put on a ball cap and worked out in the yard so it was promptly messy, but that's ok. I got some yard work done and the basketball hoop has been repaired and back to being a boredom stopper... :-) Ate ice cream today as a little treat for the Little V, now I've got a stomach ache....why do I do it to myself anyway??

Tomorrow - I'll be 42. Not sure how I feel about that right now. I'm feeling old and chubby and out of style. Maybe that's why I got a spanky new hair cut?? Maybe that's why I am in such an artless rut?


  1. happy birthday catherine. so glad that you got a 'spanky' new haircut. that was my gift from my three children for my 42 birthday last month, an updated haircut with highlights & lowlights(coloring). from the looks of your last photo, i don't think that you have to worry about looking chubby and you definitely don't look 42.

    enjoy every moment, live each day to the fullest (except lay off the ice cream ;) if is it's gonna give you a tummy ache!!)

    happy birthday, i hope that your day is filled with good wishes and abundant blessings from God!! enjoy...

  2. Happy Birthday Catherine! Hey, birthdays are just another reason to celebrate, enjoy it to the fullest. Your muse could use a celebration too, she'll be back overwhelming you with wondrous ideas!!! Oh & as my mother say''re not 42 years old, you're 42 years young :0)

    Take care,
    Rowan Willow
    aka Tiffany

  3. Happy Birthday! I know what it is like to be in a creative rut - sometimes I'm there two weeks - which is loooong! There is always something that inspires me though and pulls me out - so I'm hoping you get inspired soon.
    So you have animals in your garden too - this ones looks quite old. But it keeps life interesting!

  4. WHATEVER!!! Your a rock'n hip chic.. and dont you forget it sista!! AND.... You have ART running through your viens!!! 42.. 22.. 62 .. 92... doesnt matter!
    You da Queen!!!
    It will be your Birthday by the time you read this .. so...
    I love ya!

  5. Happy Birthday my wonderful hip and beautiful friend!!!!

    Love you!!!

  6. Hi Catherine,
    We could be soul sisters, I am 46, feel old, feel chubby, in a funk and I went from blond hair to red on Wednesday. I CAN relate! lol. I found you thru another blog or Etsy...not sure. BUT, I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday!
    And I must say, those turtles are scary, are they pets? wild? I can' not tell how what I would do if I went to my back yard and saw that!

  7. Happy Birthday Cat!!!!!!! Be on the lookout for something from me :) You totally rock and age is nothing but a number :) Take care and hugs to you!!!!!

  8. This is in your lawn? Cool! Hey, happy birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday!!! You feel old? Wait til you're 59, girl!!!! And the ice cream...why do we do that? I feel your pain, literally! But we'll do it again when it's someone elses birthday. We just can't have a celebration without it.

    I haven't been blogging very much either and felt bad about it today. So I added something and feel so much better! But I didn't eat any ice cream!

    Be Well,
    Linda Cain


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