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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Wednesday, July 11


in my studio last night, I'm a little freaked out by all the ROOM I have and it kinda made me nervous. My other beef is that I don't have a TV in here - and that kinda sucks. BUT, if I stand just right I can see the reflection of the TV in the front door....ha.
Anyway, a few more pictures to share today. It's early, so I might get to another post today - gotta catch up for all the days I've been away ;-)
So, I stopped by my Mom's office to pick up a couple of watercolor paintings I had on display for ages....decided since they weren't selling to put them up in my house. The red one is a grouping of geraniums and the other is a flower bulb that was tacked on the side of my house drying out so I could put it in storage.

This is the masterbedroom. Lovely color, very spacious and a very happy place to be. LOVE the color, oh - I already said that! ha.

The last picture is a grouping of some of my favorite art that I have collected over the years. Nothing that I have done, but several are antique oils that I picked up when we lived in Washington. Love them. The one on the top left my DH got for me because I LOVED it, the painting of the village (right side middle picture) came from a little antique shop - and it was only 5 bucks. The framing cost 100....but is totally worth it because could get lost in it - just imagining what it's like in that little village.

Anyway, ta ta for now. Gotta get my little Valentine ready to face the day. Vic, when are you coming on over - I've got room for you to work at my desk ANY day!! :-)


  1. Oh yeah, more of your beautiful home. I love it!!!

    Everything is BEAUTIFUL!

  3. love the airy feel over there in your digs Cat!


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