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Friday, March 16

Vicki Chrisman Rocks!

Have you have had one of those friends that just is so sweet and wonderful you wonder what you did to deserve all the nice things they do for you? Well, I have one of them.... her name is Vicki Chrisman and she's one of the most talented designers in the world - can make anything look absolutely beautiful - is sweet, kind and generous - she gives the greatest hugs - is supportive and fun - but she lives to DANG far away! So, this morning as I plunked my butt down to check my mail, I had an email from her with the subject line "Hey Cat" and inside was this very funny set of pictures from her - totally made my day - smiling like a Cheshire Cat. Thanks Vic, love ya!

In other news, I have done lots of painting this week! My Studio is painted Cake Stand Blue, and the living/dining area - is in Putty Pink. Joe and I finally agreed on a color for the kitchen - if you have a bazzill color wheel it's Arizona, under the red/orange part of the wheel. I really wanted Saltillo or Hoppi but had to settle with Arizona....ggggrrrrrrrrrrr - men. The paint that matched was from Ralph Lauren and is called Gertrude, ha ha ha. Gertie's Kitchen.... I am planning on painting the twilight sky on the ceiling in my little Valentine's room - and then we're going to put glow in the dark stars to resemble the constellations - we had been trying to find a globe light - but settled on a regular one. Ian said he'd be happy with a solar system mobile hanging from the bedroom will be a pale yellow with white beadboard wainscotting and the masterbath will be seedling green. Things are coming along nicely, the boiler was installed this week - so hopefully that will be in working order before the hardwood floors are to be delivered next week. I hope we'll be moving in around the middle of April - pray for us on that as I think we'll need it!! Anyway, between AC Moore and painting I've been doing nothing else for the last week or so.... I'll try to post more often next week! That's all folks. Thanks again Vic for making my day!

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  1. LOL - I love that you describe the paint on your walls, in Bazzill colors! And, I love Arizona too!


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