Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!

Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Wednesday, February 14

It's a Valentine's Blizzard!

It's a snowstorm today. This picture was taken at 9:05 am....I will post updates of the snow fall levels along with pictures throughout the day for those that may be interested ....the cute little house in the background is my OLD house, the chick pad with the purple front door, under the eves painted purple, and the fence and trellice purple with lots of beautiful pink and white flowers inside....a TRUE chick pad! The kitchen was hot pink and the bathroom is still purple with purple flowers stenciled over the wainscotting....Loved that place....but now I love my new place. Which - I'll give you a 2 second update on that - nothing has happened since it was delivered.
I'll leave you with these little Mom bought me a little reminder that spring really isn't that far away - my favorite flowers. A bouquet of Daffies, tulips and Purple Iris.....
And, my little Valentine blowing you ALL a Valentine's Day kiss.... ;-) Sorry it's blurry - batteries died and now I have to figure out how to charge my Big Valentine's camera...

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