Creative Jumpstart 2021

Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Sunday, February 4

Amanda, Vic, Gretchen, Martha, Vickie and so many more!

I had such a busy and what I felt productive week in California I just can't imagine where to begin!! First, I got to have lunch with Vic, Amanda and Gretchen from ScrapMuse on one day - and then lunch with Amanda and Gretchen on the others - and dinner at this fabulous Italian spot with A and G again. I so loved all the laughs we had - thanks for the Lemon Drop Mikey!! :-) The buzz of the show was Martha Stewart for sure - and it was no disappointment for me!! AT first I refused to pay $50.00 for a ticket - but my gal Dani came through and I experienced her Key Note first hand, free wine and cheese, giggling next to Susan and Gloria - the founders of Adornaments and so much more - it surely was a good thing. But the best part about Martha - well, two things - I got to give her a lesson on how to use the EK Success Cutterpede (yes - one on one with Martha for about 5 minutes. We stood side by side, I thought she would have been taller! She looks great for her age if you ask me!) I also spent some time with her Creative Director Hannah Millman (who, BTW is a brilliant creative person!) and other members of her creative team. My Martha experience was one to remember - keep a lookout for a scrapbook page from me using the paper she cut under my instruction! Another highlight was meeting Vickie Howell from the popular DIY show Knitty Gritty. I watched her (and took pictures for Danielle) filming a segment for an upcoming show. In case you aren't familiar - she comes on HGTV weekdays from like 11:oo to 11:3o. I surely have stars in my eyes! I also saw Bernie Berlin and Suzy from Canvas Concepts walk by the booth, had dinner with Debbie Hodge, hobnobbed with Suzy Ratto, and I THINK I sat on the plane in front of Falyn Cahill. It truly was a great time.

The show was productive in that I made lots of great things for EK using the new products. The Simply Classic line practically makes itself - I made 4 12 x 12 layouts, a card, a block photo holder and something else - ALL in one day. On my floater day I made some giftie things for the Michael's website. I always love rooming with Carla - and seeing Elizabeth, and Becky is always a great time. Danielle is so funny. Oh, and I got carded at OUtback one night....that must have been the highlight of the show!! I also learned how to use the Circle Scissor Plus, ladies this is a must have tool! I also brought home lots of new products from EK that I can't wait to use.

Anyway, as soon as I get some of the pictures of my Martha gig I'll post them! Until then - you'll have to imagine how nervous I was!


  1. Hey Cat - how awesome!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful time at CHA - I wish I could have been there and have lunch with you girls! Can't wait to see more photos! Hugs


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