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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Sunday, December 17

Everything Shipped!

This is how I feel at the moment:

I got 24 books in on Wednesday and shipped them all out and took 6 down to my local scrapbook store, Scrapbooks and Beyond in Topsham. I think I'll stick with writing books as calculating postage correctly is not my forte - I THOUGHT that Priority was 4.20 or whatever no matter WHERE it went - boy was I in for a sad surprise! Anywho, there are a few special people that helped me IMMENSELY that are getting a little something extra as a little thank you from me - you know who you are :-) I hope you like! I am also trying to put a link from Amazon to the book here but I am just not getting it just yet....maybe when I don't have so much to do and so little time to do it I can actually sit down and figure it out. ON another note, I am totally UNPREPAREd for Christmas! This is the first time in YEARS that I have felt so uninspired to go shopping or even make pretty things - anyone that knows me knows how MUCH I love to make pretty things. My friend Vicki was born inspired, check out her blog to see the awesome Christmas angels and ornaments she's posted.....I just can't get my act together. On another holiday note, today was the Christmas Pagaent at church - and it was like that funny movie with the kid and the BB would have thought that I told Ian he was going to work with a chain gang or something....he wouldn't even smile - and he said

"Mom - just don't take any pictures - not even with your camera phone 'cause I don't want to remember this moment and I don't want anyone to see me dressed up like this"

LOL.... to bad cause it would have made a great scrapbook page! He made a cute sourpuss shephard!


  1. LOL - I so love your "coffee" picture- I might have to borough this. Can't wait to get your book!!! Hugs and an unstressy week!

  2. I am curling up with this book tonight, and NOBODY is stopping me! Oh MY ...this book is AMAZING!!!

    I am totally in AWE of you work girl! LOVE IT! THANKS!!!! Vic


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