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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Tuesday, December 5

Back from Vegas!

Vegas was a total whirlwind - but quite enjoyable. I got to the hotel at 10pm on Monday and didn't leave for any fresh air until Friday afternoon....I love working in this industry and working for EK is a great learning experience - and they are a wonderful company to be associated with! A great time was had by all - and I only gambled away $20.00 on the penny machine....Last of the big spenders. Ha. Good News as far as Sewing on Paper is concerned - the copies I ordered for signing are on the way and those that ordered them will have them as soon as I get them from Sterling - and sign them. I got my advance copy of Somerset Studios Gallery Magazine while I was in Vegas - and was totally excited when I saw that I was on PAGE 4 with my Inspirations on Canvas excitement! And also check out the Winter Issue of Creative TECHniques Magazine to see my Divine Miss Walter Clock and Promise of Spring Canvas art....

The Divine Miss Walter

Well, Happy Tuesday and only 20 days until Christmas.....OMG I need to get my big old booty in gear! LOL. Later tators.

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  1. Weeheee -here she is!!! Just got the somerset Gallery too and love your article and work!!!


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