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Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Monday, September 1

Summer's Bounty

I love gardening, even if I don't weed as much as I should -- I guess I don't really like the weeds.

My Mom and I made our annual batch of spaghetti sauce last weekend -- it's so delicious!

It's a lot of work -- first we scald the tomatoes to get the skin to come off easily.

Then we squeeze the seeds out and crush them. Meanwhile, one of us is chopping lots of onion and garlic and getting that ready to add the crushed tomatoes.

It takes a couple of hours to get it to the point where the jars are cooling and ready to store for the winter.

Come January when it's cold and wet outside -- I'm reminded of my weedy garden full of yummy tomatoes every time I crack open a jar of this!

Thanks for dropping by, have a great day -- Happy Labor Day.

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  1. that sauce looks good! And will taste even better in the dead of winter. I'm inviting you over to visit my blog and become a follower. Trying to get back in the swing of blogging again and i think most of my previous followers have all gone to FB!


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