Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!

Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Thursday, February 27

Things Are Not Always as They Seem!

When you look at this picture of daffodils you might think that things are nice and clean and put together in my studio. I mean, organized at least, right? I've cropped the image nice and tight and kept the focus on the flowers. BTW, I just love daffodils -- who doesn't?  They are the first sign of spring and with more snow on the way I really need a few reminders that I don't live in the Antarctic or something.

When I zoom out though, you can see -- my studio really is quite a mess. And, really to me it looks pretty clean here, LOL.

When I do some fancy editing my flowers really look gorgeous. You might think that my house and studio is spic and span, just by looking at this picture.

It's not. It's not a pigsty and super cluttered either -- just don't look close and you'll be ok.

That's all for today, just keepin' it real! have a great day and come back tomorrow to see a cool project I created for Sizzix!

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