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Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Thursday, October 31

Sizzix: Who Are YOU?


In case you haven't heard, Sizzix has a new campaign going on AND they want to know WHO you are -- you know the WHO, WHAT, WHERE's and everything about you -- and you could also WIN a HUGE prize just for sharing WHO you are with us! Click on the image above to find out everything you need to know to play along!
CMS Avatar B+ W

It's really hard to narrow it down to three words to describe who I am because any combination of three would do the trick but would they really give you a clear picture of WHO I am?

To start with, I think you already know I'm an artist. I love pretty much everything there is to love about creating art -- from the inspiration to the completed project. Even pieces that I struggle with -- because when I turn that ugly duckling into something fantastic it really makes me happy. That's not to say that I don't struggle at times, all artists do. But turning a blank piece of paper into a colorful mess that other people love is a talent I am pretty proud and happy to have.

Acrylic Painting CMS 1Art Journal Illustration CMS 1Watercolor Art Journal

I also have a pretty silly side, which I don't always show. And, luckily this photo covers three of the many aspects of me while only using up one of my words -- here I am being silly with my husband demonstrating how to use Pore Strips for our teenage son -- two of my other loves.

Nature lover. I love everything about the natural world that surrounds me -- even bugs -- except the biting kind. Nature has the most beautiful colors, textures, layouts and subjects and inspires me on a daily basis! If I need some inspiration for something new or different to draw all I need to do is go outside and look around me!

My favorite Sizzix project is this paper quilt using the Hexagons Bigs. This project came together so beautifully, if only I could quilt this good with fabric!!

Sizzix CMS May

Well, that about sums it up -- I'm a silly artist that loves nature -- my family and quilts. Make sure you click on over and to the Sizzix blog to see how you can play along - and I think you will love the SUPER COOL prize you could be eligible to win!

Have a great day and HAPPY Halloween!

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  1. Thanks for sharing who you are. Great job describing yourself. I still love your paper quilt. I too wish I could quilt as well with fabric.

    Hope you are enjoying a nice Autumn! Have a wonderful weekend!


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