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Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Monday, June 24

Camping + Art Journaling = Perfect Combination

We went camping over the weekend to one of my favorite places in Maine. The Rangeley Lakes area is -- well to me anyway -- one of the most beautiful places on this earth! Right now the wild lupines are blooming -- purple, light and dark pink and even white -- everywhere along the side of the road.

Maine Lupines by Catherine Scanlon

I can't count how many photos I took of them -- I even caught a great one with a bumblebee collecting some honey. This photo though, was my favorite. A little thunderstorm had passed through leaving some fog and a wet table -- it's perfect! I'm always looking for inspiration for art.

Since it rained quite a bit while we were there -- and I was the ONLY girl with 3 men -- 2 of them teenage boys -- I brought my art journal box with me and created 2 great journal pages.

Art Journal by Catherine Scanlon

I always have paintbrushes, paint -- distress paints are the perfect size for traveling, markers, colored pencils, watercolor pencils and paper whenever I leave home for a few days. Just in case I need them.

Art Journal Page by Catherine Scanlon

Plus, it's a great thing to do in front of the camp fire! 
 Now I just need to find a quote for this one -- and let it air out because it smells a little bit like camp fire smoke :-D

Thanks for stopping by -- have a great day.


  1. What a great thing to do during a camping trip. I'm going next weekend and you had best believe I will be taking paints for the first time camping. Beautiful work Catherine. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Sounds like you had a fun camping trip. I never thought of taking some of the art supplies with me camping. I'll have to keep that in mind next time. Thanks for sharing. Love the lupine also.
    Have a wonderful weekend!


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