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Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Wednesday, September 28

Hobby Lobby Magazine

Before I borage you with photos and things from my summer away from blogging I thought I'd share some happy mail I got yesterday -- thanks Shane ;-)

I don't have a Hobby Lobby near me -- but recently -- well last spring -- I designed some projects for a magazine they have for sale in their store. It's funny how far ahead designers have to work to get print advertising projects completed. It seems normal to me now since I've been working in this industry for so long -- but my friends and family will say -- what -- you are working on Christmas and it's only Memorial Day?? They just don't get it. Maybe that's one of the reasons I feel out of sync...well, that's another blog post..but anyway.

I was happy to get this little tidbit in the mail from my pal Shane Hershey EK Success yesterday. He's so funny, we have the same weird sense of humor! ha ha. At first I didn't know why they sent it.....I thought maybe they were treating us to a magazine subscription to make sure we were up on the latest trends......

......and then I started flipping through the pages and came to this two page spread!

and saw this. I had so much fun making these package decorations, cards and banner. The packages were definitely a lot of fun! Made from scraps of papers and fun trendy embellishments.

And then I remembered I had made some Thanksgiving projects too....and flipped through some more pages and found these fun place settings and napkin rings. Fun fact about me -- I'm a lefty and always flip through magazines from the back to the front. I like that the title is Home is Where the Heart is -- though maybe it should be Art from the Heart, ha ha!

Well, that's it for today. I've got to get to work on my latest new class at My Creative Classroom -- Mixed Media Workshop Two. It started last week but you have some time to sign up if you want. Thanks for stopping by -- have an artful day!

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