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Monday, February 8

Instructions for Valentine Cards

King of my Heart Card Created by Catherine Matthews-Scanlon for EK Success Brands, Photo Supplied by EK Success Brands

Do you remember these Valentine Cards? Back toward the end of January I linked you to a video posted on You Tube by EK Success. Joy Macdonnell did a little ditty demonstrating a few new and limited edition Valentine punches, she also used several of my projects as examples of the punches. You can see that post and watch the video here. Anyway, if you are interested in the supply lists and/or instructions for those projects, you can download them from here. Enjoy!

Be Mine Card created by Catherine Matthews-Scanlon for EK Success Brands, Photo supplied by EK Success Brands

Are you busy getting ready for Valentine’s Day?? I know I am!! Last Friday I bravely taught my son’s 5th grade class to sew. Well, I taught them how to do the running stitch, big difference I guess, LOL.

We made a small felted sachet for them to give their Mom’s for Valentine's Day. I used a large Spellbinder’s scalloped heart die and die-cut 48 felt flowers, hot glued a ribbon hanger. All the kids had to do was a running stitch around the edge to stitch the two hearts together, stuff with a little stuffing scented with pine and tie the end off.

Phew, some of them were really challenged with this!! What amazed me was the GIRLS were not good at it AT all! The girls that I was sure would be awesome at it WEREN’T, and the boys that I thought would be calling for my help every couple of minutes sailed through with little extra help needed. It was funny, in an odd way. Even my own son who has never stitched a thing in his life did a great job.

Here’s a quick picture of the sample I showed them.

When I was in 5th grade I knew how to embroider and was working on (but never finished) a large Holly Hobby project. I found this fun picture of the same Holly Hobby project by Simplicity on the internet. My Mom completed (and perfectly I might add) the Holly on the right and I worked on the one on the left. I bet it's still in my little sewing basket in her attic, LOL.

I'm not saying I was great at embroidery, but I could do the running stitch that's for sure! I had done some basic sewing when I was a Brownie and also as a Girl Scout. My Mom also taught me most of what I knew about sewing and embroidery.

One of the girls broke her tapestry needle at the head – how she did that I have no idea, and NONE of them could thread a needle. Not ONE! It was crazy. But, the teacher said she's going to try sewing again later in the year. I wonder if she'll ask for my help??

Well, thanks for stopping by...and don't forget you have until February 15th to sign up for the One Hand One Heart Giveaway!


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  2. Good to see the final heart product! Thanks for them and wish I had been in your son's classroom when I was in school (or at least had a cool mom like you!).

  3. I can't wait to hear more about the class. Would you do it again?

  4. It seems like sewing is a lost art. I can't believe how many of my friends don't sew at all. I can remember growing up always working on something. Glad to see you showing them how to sew those are adorable!


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