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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Monday, December 7

First Snow of the Year and a new Santa face!

We had our first snow of the season Saturday night - we woke up to a lovely blanket of 4 or 5 inches of the nasty white stuff, LOL. Yes, it's pretty - and everything looks so new and fresh - and covered with it. But it's cold, and I was really hoping we would not have any snow until like March or not until next year. I guess my wish was denied this year, hoping we don't have another 100 incher this year, I just don't want it.

Thought I would share some pictures I took Sunday morning. This hanging bell sun face was so pretty hanging outside my front door, I just love the way the purple door of my garden shed shows in his face right underneath his golden eyes.

David sits in my garden. I forgot to bring him in before the snow, but I need to remember to do that so he doesn't freeze and crack. I just love the way this looks, but wish the American flag wasn't protruding from the top of his head.

And, here's my little doggie wearing the Santa outfit I picked up her her at Target, it was only 3.99!! She wasn't very happy about wearing this, but did like the treat she got when we were done.

I've got some artsy things to finish up to share with you tomorrow, so stay tuned! Thanks for stopping by, oh - and if you're local - don't forget that the Holiday Artisan Fair at Artascope in So. Portland opens on the 10th. I brought my things down there today and the studio is really shaping up nicely! Looking forward to the open house on Sunday, maybe I'll see you there!

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