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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Monday, March 23

Maple Syrup Sunday

Sunday we went to my cousin's house for a sample of his Maple Syrup and to check out his sugar shack. The weather was really cold, well not below zero cold - but it's been so warm lately that it felt really cold. And then we had snow showers....but I digress. Jim, or Big Jim as we call him in the family has been making maple syrup for a while, and it's lovely. He collects local sap and boils it down. Last year we bought a half gallon of syrup for our waffles, pancakes and whatever we wanted. It tastes so good, and it's quite pleasing to know it was made by someone in the family....I know he made it with a lot of TLC, that's just the way he is. I just love this picture of the syrup against the light....the color is pretty, dontchya think? My boy enjoying his ice cream with fresh, hot maple syrup. It was pretty delicious, thanks Big Jim!


  1. Dont think ive evre had hot maple syrup! how fascinating to see it being bottled!! and then to eat it yum! jenxo


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