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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Wednesday, August 1

A very fine DAY indeed!

Wednesday, was all day! I think Wednesday's may be my new favorite day! I had a very fine time on my own...dropped my boy off at Ecology camp....jogged/walked on my treadmill, got some very fine blue buttons from My Mind's Eye for my SECRET can't share with you project (but you did see a sneakie last week), chatted with my GREAT friend Vicki C. , saw an awesome DT project that Lana did at ScrapMuse (sorry, that's secret too!) and did some scanning, printing and getting ready for my next project for the big secret thing I am working on. Oh, and I also talked to my publisher....but that's a secret too! wow, i'm keeping lotsa secrets from y' all.... and I like it that way! ha. I will tell you that I am excited about a project that I {am pretty sure} I will be working on, but you'll find out in September....geez..... yup - you guessed it - I'm smiling right now! All right, I'll stop teasing about all the secrets I've got and start sharing! A while back Ian and I went junking and I found a cool wooden clog, kinda beat up but still coolio looking! So, I turned it into a planter for my hens and chickens. I love those little plants. So cute. Anyway, here's that. Oh, and a picture of my Pharoah...did I even spell that right? Anyway, at Scout camp they learned about ancient egyptians. They did a little skit on the last day and this was his costume. Isn't he adorable? And, he's crafty just like his Mom! Lots of good things to be thankful for. It's not thanksgiving but I'll share what I am thankful for right now:
  • my big Valentine officially retired from the Navy yesterday and STARTED his new job on the same day. . . seamless transition.
  • We are comfortably living in our new house and things seem normal - and we have food on the table
  • My Mom lives close by and last night we made a batch of dilly beans {in my kitchen} and I loved that.
  • The weather is nice - hot - but not raining
  • I have lots of great friends that share inspiration with me and I love that
  • Tomorrow my Mom and I are going blueberry picking.
  • We are healthy and happy
  • The little V sleeps through the night with no nightmares
  • LIFE is good I tell ya. Really good!


  1. youu are a secret hoarder- LOL. Well at least I know one of the secrets ;-)

  2. I know at least one of those secrets!! AND go check my blog Cat --- hit you with the RGB tag! :)

  3. You better start coughing it up sister... I need the SCOOP! lol
    Love your new clog/hen and chicks. CUTE! and your photo of your little V is DARLING!


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