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Wednesday, August 22

Art from when I was Seventeen!!

As we were moving in and unpacking, I looked at everything that passed through my fingers and remembered where it came from and the details of its life in my {our} possession. This little quilt was like a blast from the past as I took it out of the box. I think it was one of my Senior Art projects from high school - and I remember quite clearly how proud of it I was when I finished it, even if I did botch the stitching! It's a piece of white muslin that I "painted" proceon dyes on and then one time it was mounted on a canvas and displayed it in my home. Not sure what happened to the canvas, but I am glad that I still have this lovely and bright papillon as she sits on her pretty flower. I also wanted to share some of the art that hangs on my walls that I absolutely love. When we lived in Washington State we had our favorite little antique spots in Silverdale, Port Orchard, and a couple of other places that I can't remember the name right now. Anyway, this beautiful bouquet came from the town that has the Purple Haze Lavender farm - and the shop was a lovely, funky little place with lots of cool things. This oil, about 18 x 18 with the frame was only 60.00!! My husband so kindly procured that for me because I was so in love with it, he's a gem that way!! This little piece came from a little store down by Cape Disappointment. It was ONLY five bucks - I couldn't leave it. After I spent 75.00 on this frame for it I don't think I could ever part with it. LOVELOVELOVE it. It reminds me that I always want to have a room with a view, and since we are surrounded by trees I can look at this for a little "view".

I am not sure where these daisies came from (I think some little dive in Port Orchard), but they were in a VERY ugly frame with canvas on it. When we moved in here I discarded the frame and stuck it in this gold frame that I had hanging around. Still not the perfect frame, but at least I feel good about hanging it on the wall!!

This rubber tree plant I saved for last because it's my ultimate favorite. Everyone thinks I am crazy because I love it so much, but every day I find myself gazing at it. Maybe I am wondering why she never finished it? Or I am thinking that I used to have a bowl exactly like it. I am just not sure, but it was cheap and it's cool and that's ok with me. I've got a couple more that I will share with you tomorrow...for today I need to find a motivational coach to kick my arse so I will get it in gear and do what I need.want.can and should do. Do you know what I think is standing in my way? I do.


  1. Okay... every piece is gorgeous..but of course I love the butterfly YOU did! It's wierd you would post this..because I was just wondering the other day ,about some of my stuff..esp one big framed peice..that I know is somewhere up in the garage attic in a box.. and I'm kind of concerned about it. I havent seen it , since we moved in 7 years ago.. and I just cant seem to find time to go dig through things to find it. Even Jarad asked me about it a while back, as it used to hang in his room at the other house. Could you come over and look for it for me???? huh??? come on .. please??? lol

  2. Wow- unpacking was a good find in your own stuff! And I DO think you are in your own way! Get motivated girl!! (there did that work?) :) Hugs!

  3. oh my gosh I so love the quilt!!! You are so amazingly talented!


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