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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Saturday, August 25

400th Year Celebration for Popham Colony

wow, what a fabulous day! We went to the beach, Popham Beach to be exact to check out the 400th year celebration of Popham Colony. Oh, the weather was spectacular {nice breeze, no hot sun - but warm, tide JUST perfect} we checked out the Fort for a while, also checked out the craft fair. So many cool and talented people there. One woman does Batik Watercolor paintings - and they are so amazing. The one I had my eye on was a little out of my price range but exceptionally beautiful. I will probably dream about it tonight.
We also decided to take a short walk on the beach before checking out the Colonial Re-Enactment that was going on, but seems like the beach had a hold on us that never let us go - because we never made it there. Little V and I found twenty-eight {28 - oh my} baby sand dollars, they are so beautiful. We figured out the secret to scarfing them up just after the wave brought them in and just before it washed them out again. We also decided that there was a sand dollar hot zone and we had found it today. The Atlantic Ocean was oh my gosh so dang cold, but so very refreshing at the same time. We only got wet from the knees down, and to be honest - after a few minutes I couldn't feel my toes so it was ok!! The big V even smiled to have his picture taken, life couldn't be any better then this folks!!
While I was there I had so many memories of when I was a kid. We lived about 10 miles from that very beach and used to go there several times a week in the summer time. Not much has changed down there really, except the cannon from the old Coast Guard Station has been removed and the Fort Popham sign was gone too. Oh, and they removed the bars from the jail so we could go in and have a visit or two :-) Little V loved the day. We finished out the after noon with a splurge of fried clams..... oh my it sure was heaven!

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  1. gorgeous pics! wow and fried clams yum! we have been grilling oysters, love seafood I shoulda been born on the ocean! love your blog btw :)


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