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Friday, August 24

STFU and an OH My!

I love to get a good chuckle first thing in the morning, tends to make my day! So when I followed a link from my good Friend Vic's blog to this blog (btw Happy belated birthday Shawn!) as I was scrolling and sipping my hot coffee I saw this image over to BonoRama Mama!! !! Ha ha ha. Since I have SEEN the original without the acronym I know what STFU means. I think Shawn is brilliant for changing the acronym {and since I had to clean my screen} I thought I would share this with you! Ha ha ha. Shawn, I think that's a new acronym that they'll be using on the Smack blog sometime in the near future. ha ha ha.

On to other things. What an on my great day I'm having! I've cleaned the toilet, my son's room, made my bed - and he's in the tub cleaning is DIRTY feet. I am surfing with me fresh cup of coffee and hear a little email ding and jump on over to see who emailed me. Why, it's the lovely Natalie Rhinesmith from Creative TECHniques....and I am happy no excstatic (so happy can't even spell it...ha ha ha) that she has used one of my projects for the FREEBIE project for the fall issue. It's for my majestic..... Check it out here.

thank you're the best ever!!


  1. Glad it brought a smile to your face. I know it made my situation better with my air :) Thanks for the bday wishes I love your blog!

  2. Oh I can't take credit for changing it I found it like that on the net. :)

  3. lol.. a midwesterner!That's a hoot!
    And about your project! I saw that and was just going to email you about it, and ta da... here it is! I LOVE IT!!! VERY VERY COOL. You are the transfer QUEEN!

  4. next I need my DH for translating the short form there...darn - we Germans don't know a thing - LOL. Love your transfer!!!

  5. OMG Cat that is gorgeous. I have photos just like this from Hayley when she went to France. I will have to give this a whirl. Love it!!!


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