Creative Jumpstart 2021

Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Wednesday, August 8

i'm feeling { guilty }

because I haven't shared anything creative that I have made for a seems like a GOOD long while. This week has been crazy - my little V has been in the slumps (and an almost 8 year old should not be slumpy) and I've been worried. And we've been running the roads this week, I don't usually go to town everyday - but so far this week I have - and yesterday it was 2 times. I like to stay home in the coccoon of my lovely comfy house and make cool stuff. REALLY, it makes me happy. Running my ass off everyday on the tar going thisa way and thataway makes me ugly....NOT TO MENTION, the 5 pounds I thought I had gained actually turns out to be 13.4 - confirmed by my new physician, we'll call her Lilly. Hello Catherine, reality check - 3 Muskateers actually DO have calories and are NOT light as a feather! So, my big V needs to get his doughboy into action and fix my treadmill or risk having to buy me another one because I refuse to drive to town and go to the gym everyday! That's all for now, I'm going to find something light to eat....ha ha ha. this whole post I've been feeling so bad - I don't want to feel that guilty anymore for keeping secrets from am posting two sneaks from the ScrapMuse August Kit ;-)

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