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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Thursday, August 2

I've been TAGGED!

My cutest friend Lana tagged me with the RGB Tag, thanks Lana...loved your video....she made me blush with the nice things she said.
So, passing this's tough because most of the RGB's that I would tag have already been tagged!! I think I'll do them anyway...
First, Vicki C. because she is hands down the nicest person in the world. And, not only is she the nicest, but she is so talented and every thing she makes is just drop dead gorgeous. Every time I have seen this awesome woman she gives me the biggest hug - just a great friend. THANKS Vic, you rock!
Another that has already been tagged, but deserves a second one is Nat. Nat is crazy creative, is very sweet and generous - and she's a great person to have on the ScrapMuse team. I see big things in this very talented woman's future!
Since the I first met her at CKU Boston as her teaching assistant, I have thought that Rebecca is an amazing person. Also very generous, and kind - and an inspiration to those around her. She also is very calming and reassuring....and nice.
Another person deserving of RGB is Amanda - even though she's been a bit busy this summer! Amanda has done wondors with ScrapMuse, and works very hard to make it a successful kit club! She's also very kind and a great person!
Another person that deserves the RGB is my new friend Leslie. She has got some amazing art furniture in her home that she has created - and she's an awesome person also!
Well, that about sums that up....
Today it was hot, but I managed to go pick some big honkin' blueberries and make a batch of jam. The recipe was a little different in that it called for lime (but we used lemon) and I wasn't sure how it would taste....but it rocks. totally.
Nighty night folks. Gotta get the little V ready for bed!!


  1. It's like in junior high when I got a note from someone cool! You tagged me!!! That's just the coolest thing! And the nice things you said about me...thank you!!!

  2. BLUUUUEEEBERRIESSS - - I'm there in a minute :-)

    Thanks for tagging me - you rock!!!

  3. Thanks honey girl...and BIG HUGE HUGS TO YOU!!! Thanks for letting me talk your ear off!

  4. Look at you, tagging me! LOL, thanks lady - I love working with you!


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