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Monday, August 27

Picture Her Very happy!!

I recently participated in making a special birthday album for a dear friend, Nathalie Kalbach - owner of Scrapbook Trends website and member of the ScrapMuse Design Team. Granted, this gift was given to her in July, but I didn't have access to my page to upload to my blog, so it's a belated birthday present to Nat. I made this page from a portion of a box that I got a camera in for Mother's Day. The camera was a pink Sony (I think Sony...) and when I saw the box I knew it would be good for saving some memorey - or some type of craft. As I worked on the page the quote just came to me, and in case you can't read it it says "she who has many a thoughtful and caring friend is a very, very happy cat." Which is kind of a pun because they call me Cat over at ScrapMuse!! Nat is a very devoted member of the ScrapMuse team, a great writer - and a good friend too. She interviewed me last year sometime for her website to help me promote my book, Sewing on Paper. So, not only is she a good friend - but she's a great marketing agent too! So, just wanted to say a quick thanks Nat for being so nice.
Happy Belated Birthday girlfriend!!


  1. wow what an awesome idea! How did you get your pic behind that wording? Must know your secret :)

  2. Super cool Cat!( reminds me... mine still isnt done!)Yikes!

  3. Oh my goodness - you are giving me a heart attack here- you are sooo sweet! I do so love this page - the picture is not even doing it justice!!! I heart my album very very much! I'm a happy girld to call you my friend- my dear kitty ;-)



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