Art Gone Wild Launches NEW Website!

Art Gone Wild Launches NEW Website!
You can now purchase all of my stamps directly from Art Gone Wild! Click on the image to see what's new!

Tuesday, November 17

DecoArt Holiday Inspiration

Hello and Happy November! Make sure you drop by the DecoArt Media Blog and see a little video I'm sharing on how I created these cool bell ornaments!

Have a GREAT and creative day!

Ornaments 101

Hello and HAPPY Tuesday! I've got a fun video showing how I create a cool Christmas Ornament over on the DecoArt Media blog today and thought I'd share some of the other ornaments I've created over the years.

Made with Wool Felt and stuffed with Cedar

Made with Wool Felt and beading Hand-Stitched

Wood Ornament, Stamped and Watercolor Painted Image

Die-Cut Wool Felt

Wood House Ornament

Die-Cut Wool Felt

Wine Cork Bird House

Paper Mache Shadow Box

Vintage Tin Mold

Chess Pieces and Soldering

Jello Molds and Wood Stars

Church Ornaments

Even if you have limited supplies, or lots of vintage and salvaged items you can make some really cool and interesting ornaments. 

THANKS for dropping by today, have a creative day!

Wednesday, November 11

New Work

Hello, Hello. Wanted to share this little (maybe tiny) video of some pages I've been working on recently.


Thanks for dropping by, have a GREAT day.

Tuesday, November 10

Another Coloring Book! Woohoo!

I am so excited to share that I have produced an updated version of my coloring book from 2 years ago. Wow, was it really that long ago?? I often feel grateful to have been on the beginning side of the Coloring Book trend! I have had so many people ask me to print another version that I just couldn't say no anymore!

Here it is, my pack of 25 Individual Coloring Page sheets printed on 67 lb. cardstock. I printed a limited edition this time, so when they are gone they are gone.

I have listed them in my Etsy shop, and you can find them here. If you live locally or want to purchase more than one -- message me about the shipping details.

THANK you so much for visiting today, please tell everyone you know I have more coloring pages available!

Thursday, November 5

My Creative Process

Hello friends, I hope you are having a great week. I love when the clock falls back in Maine. I always feel so much more productive in the Fall.

Today I wanted to share one of my favorite, and super simple stamps. This flower stamp (it comes with some journal type words too) is so fun to color and make really beautiful designs with. 

For this page, first I stamped my flower, being careful to center if on my journal page. Then I drew a box and added a decorative border to it. To draw the leaves I simply copied the one that is attached to the flower. You can do it, I know you can! I add quote with a pencil (you could stamp yours if you don't love your handwriting) and then ink the pencil lines with a permanent black marker and add some color for the win.

I think I used Tombow Dual Tip Brush markers to color this design. Sakura Gelly Pens are perfectly opaque and hide little oopsies here and there -- I love the bright pop of color they lend to the design!

That's it! A super simple but really gorgeous page that I created super quick! Thanks for dropping by, have a creative day!

Tuesday, November 3

Mushroom Stamps Oh My!

Hello friends Happy November! I think that fall in Maine is a super colorful and beautiful time. The weather is usually pretty mild, but not super cold. With that change in season brings damper weather, which also in my mind ushers in a time when it's fun to go on mushroom scouting sessions.

We certainly aren't in the group of people that feel confident to search out and consume them, but I"m always amazed at the creative shapes, and beautiful colors to be found.

So, in honor of fall -- here's one of my latest journal pages using my Art Gone Wild Stamps.

For this page I used two different stamps, the Fungus Amungus #1 and Fungus Amongus #3 -- both available NOW on the Art Gone Wild website.

First I stamped the two stamps, using my MISTI stamping tool to line them up perfectly on the page, Then I used a pencil to fill in the design and make it look more natural -- the last step was to add a quote. Next I'll add color, and I'll be sure to share that when it's ready!

THANK you so much for dropping by today, have a wonderful and creative day!

Sunday, November 1

Heart Rock City

One of the first rocks my son ever gave me was a heart rock, I use it for a paper weight on my desk. He colored all over it and it's a reminder to me of his sweetness. He has an eye for finding heart rocks and heart shaped things.

Take this bowl of heart rocks, he found most of them for me. I've been using DecoArt Matte Medium to glue little sentiments and quotes on them., they look great in a bowl I painted black. It sits on our dining room table -- it's a unique and fun centerpiece with LOTS of meaning! 

Nice to see you, have a great day.

Friday, October 30

From a few Weeks Ago

A few weeks ago I shared this image, (if you scroll down a little you'll find it.) before I had colored it in and thought you'd be interested in seeing how it turned out. I love the pink flowers and the way the background turned out.

Hope you have time to color today! Thanks for dropping by!

Thursday, October 29


One of the gals I work with brought this rose in from her garden for me, which totally made my day and made me think of this quote:

Good Friends Are Like
Beautiful Flowers
In The Garden Of Life

Thanks for dropping by today, have a creative day!

Tuesday, October 27

Time for Creating

Hello, it's been a few weeks with no posts -- life is SUPER busy. I have had little time to create, but today I thought I'd share a few pages that I have managed to squeeze into early morning and late night moments here and there.

Not much in the line of coloring, but lots of illustrating and Positivity Pages. Take a look:

I'm also working on my NEXT release that will debut in January at the Craft + Hobby Association Meeting in Aneheim. I am really loving the different designs I've been working on. If it was up to me it would be All on Flowers -- but thankfully I have a lovely mentor helping me push myself to explore new imagery.

I think you're gonna love what's coming! Thank you so much for dropping by, have a LOVELY day!

Friday, October 9


I wish I had time for this kind of stuff this week. Drawing is really soothing.

Have a creative day, thanks for visiting!

Thursday, October 8

DecoArt Media Halloween Haunts Mixed Media Challenge

Just a quick reminder about the Mixed Media Challenge that is happening on the DecoArt Media Blog. For a round-up of the projects that the team created, visit this post:

And, the best part -- you can play along too, just follow these basic instructions: 

Join the DecoArt Mixed Media Design Team in a spooky Halloween challenge from October 1st through the 28th! Have a peek at our talented designer's projects on this page and be on the look out for our full tutorials on the DecoArt Media Facebook page throughout the Mixed Media Haunts Challenge! 

Feeling inspired? Create your very own spooktacular piece, using DecoArt Media products, and submit it below through the Inlinkz link at the bottom of our Design Team project photos. Entries will be accepted until October 28th at 11:55pm.

On October 29th, Andy Skinner will choose his two favorite pieces. The runner-up will receive $50 worth of DecoArt Media product and the grand prize winner will receive $100 worth of DecoArt Media goodies!
Have a great day, thanks for dropping by. 

Wednesday, October 7

Positivity Journal -- all in one!

Hello and HAPPY Wednesday. It's been one heck of a week so far so today I'm hoping for some calm and quiet so I can finish working on my next stamp release.

I've had such an AMAZING response to the Custom Journal Cover video I created this week that I wanted to put the important videos I've created for my Positivity Journal Project together in one post to make it easy for you to find them, in case you are planning on making one in the near future.

So, without prolonging this writing any longer, and because my coffee is ready -- here we go: 

Video 1: Getting started, and the MISTI

Video 2: Journal Pages


Video 3: Creative Masking

Video 4: Drawing and Painting your journal cover and attaching it to your chipboard

You will find more videos on my youtube channel related to creating journal pages, but these are specifically related to getting started and putting it back together again. 

THANKS for dropping by, have a wonderful day -- and do something creative in the spare moments!

Tuesday, October 6

Creating a Custom Cover for your Art Journal

I know I've mentioned this before, but I have to say it again!! I really like working with DecoArt® Media products. The quality is amazing, not to mention the colors they have are pretty great too!

For quite some time I've been working on a "DecoArt® Media Art Journal" -- meaning all the pages are created using their Media line in one way or another and sharing my process with you. I've got quite a stack and since I have just a few pages left to finish up, I thought that I should take a minute or two to create a custom cover to protect my precious pages so my cover looks as great as the inside pages.

Since I've been into making videos lately, I created a little video so you can see exactly how I do this.  Get a cup of coffee or tea and watch my video below and then get started making your own custom cover!

For this project I used the following supplies, you can find most of them at your local (or on-line) JoAnn Craft store or at the DecoArt Media website, which is here.

Thanks for joining me today, have a wonderful day and I hope you get some time to get creative!

Thursday, October 1

Try something new!

Sometimes when you get in a rut -- whether it's creatively or emotionally -- trying new things can boost you enough to get out of it. And sometimes shedding old "schtuff" is necessary, but I digress.

I took a fun class over the summer and learned how to make this fun little woven decoration for a rock. Those who know me know that I'm obsessed with cool rocks, and seeing that I like to play with them and make little cozies probably won't come as a surprise.  At the end of the day, I came home with this little beauty -- a favorite rock found for me by a favorite kid in a favorite place.

And it will sit on my desk for eternity. But, I couldn't stop thinking about OTHER ways to incorporate this new technique into something cooler and more interesting.

And I came up with this sweet little heart. Only, this is a piece of sea glass wrapped with wire. Same technique, but wholly different supplies. I just love how getting out of the box can really knock your creativity into overdrive!

And this is what it looks like today -- and it's hanging in my window as a quiet reminder to nurture my creativity and try new things. What are you doing to nurture your creativity?

Have a wonderful day, thanks for dropping by!

Wednesday, September 30


It's amazing what color does to an ordinary image.

I suppose color alone is a reason to be happy. But, when you have gorgeous flowers and bright colors, there's no reason to be unhappy!

This art journal page was made with my Words of Wisdom #2 Stamp set from Art Gone Wild and colored with DecoArt® Media Fluid Acrylics. If you scroll down a few days you'll find the Creative Masking video I created showing how I stamped this page.

Thanks for dropping by, have a wonderful day.