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Tuesday, August 28

Remember the GiveAway!!

Little V and I went to the beach again today....perfect weather again...we stayed from 11 to 4 - just hanging out in the water (brrrrrr it was cold, I think somewhere around 65 degrees!! ) looking for shells and more sanddollars, which we found 99 of...well, actually over 100 but he gave some away to people he said looked nice...awwww, so sweet! It was very nice and relaxing - I am thankful I remembered the sunscreen because we would have been TOAST - burnt toast. It was great.I kept saying, time to go home - but I couldn't drag myself away...15 minutes later I'd say it was a great time. As I was sitting on the beach I called my good friend Vic to make sure everything was OK with her son - Iasked her if she could hear what was going on in the background - she couldn't tell.......when I told her it was the Atlantic Ocean she sounded a bit Vic, the above picture is for you....that was my view as we talked on the phone!! My silly feet just to prove it!!
Some of the sanddollars we found. Little V picking up a baby sanddollar, just so you can see just how big they aren't!
And, because I haven't shared her in a while, this is the little face that wakes me up in the morning....when the other little face doesn't! ;-)
I don't think I said when I was going to choose the winner of the page made with the ScrapMuse kit, so I think it'll be this Friday...remind your friends!! Have a great night everyone!!


  1. Help!! I cant find your info on your giveaway! Gotta go look at your stichin book, looks right up my ally. Would love to find out how to put my name on my photos, can you tell me how I get help in that area. Thanks...enjoying your blog! Laurie

  2. Love your pics of the beach. Oh how fun that looks to squish your toes in the sand! Thanks for the commment the costume is coming along, I have the body part sewn. I even took a pic of the pookie wearing part of it :) hehe you should see all the paper dust in my sewing machine though!

  3. OH ah ha oh......dying over here in "mud puddle Nebraska". I AM SOOOOOOO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THE OCEAN>.... That's it... I'm coming over!!!

  4. I'm loving your photos ! Oh I wish - I'm coming too!!!

  5. Wait, if Vicki and Nat are coming then so am I. Party at Cat's house and then off to the beach. Fun fun fun photos and what a awesome way to spend a beautiful day.

  6. Okay...that's it... we are ALL coming!! lol

  7. You can all fly out of KC it's cheaper than Omaha/Lincoln hehe :)

    No really when are we going :)

  8. adorable pic of your puppy!
    i've NEVER found a sand dollar that tiny...what a treasure.

  9. Hello I am a Vicki stocker and came to visit your blog because of her. Isn't she wonderful? I love your blog and the way you described being at the beach. I can almost feel the sand between my toes. Very pretty pictures too.

  10. What's with this COLD water stuff - come to visit me in NW Florida where the water is oh sooo warm, white fluffy sand - teal blue water... :)


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