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Tuesday, August 21

Heart in Hand Scraps

My friend Vic really looks after me, and I am thankful for her. A while back we both took a minute and chatted on the phone and she told me about an opportunity that she thought I might be interested in. She's always very thoughtful like that, and I love her because she's so sweet and nice!! {she's pretty talented too! check out her blog to see for yourself} Anyway, after a day or two of thinking about our conversation I decided to give it a try, and got in touch with the owner. I am happy to announce that I am taking the plunge into on-line teaching! I will be teaching on-line classes for Heart in Hand Scraps and is owned by Tammy Tutterow. She's a pretty busy woman - check out her resume - looks like she designs for lots and lots of cool places!! {Especially Basic Gray, yum! } Thanks Tammy for the great opportunity, can't wait to get that project out of my head and into a class!! That's all for now folks. Just wanted to pop by and say hey and let you know I am alive.


  1. Oh Cat that is awesome news. Congrats!!! Off to check it out.

  2. ohhh how cool!!!!! Congratulations - can't wait to actually take a class :-)

  3. Oh Cat... Super for YOU and for TAMMY! YAY!


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