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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Wednesday, April 4

Thank you Sharon!!

Isn't it funny how sometimes a person can totally change the way you are feeling just by saying a few kind words? Even though they don't know you are feeling a little down and out, it just comes at the exact right moment? Today it was Sharon, a very sweet woman from my class last weekend at Absolutely Everything. This is what she wrote:
Hi Catherine, I took your sewing on chipboard class this past Saturday and bought the Valentine's banner kit. I am unable to get onto your blog. Your card says ww.cmscanlon.blogspot but the site is not coming up. Are you having difficulties on your end? I want to get a closer look at your photo(s) of the banner. You also mentioned that you might have the directions. If so, I would love to get a copy. I'm out of town Thurs-Sun but will be doing a lot of sewing on paper and chipboard on my return and can't wait to make the banner. I've shared Saturday's project with friends who also craft and they LOVED it! I didn't finish it yet, but I know that the finished album will be gorgeous! Your class was wonderful and your style of teaching was perfect.
Thank you again Sharon for your thoughtful words today.

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  1. awwww.. that is such a great email! It's funny how just a few kind words, can help so much huh? More people should try it! If every person just took time to say something nice like that to someone else... wouldnt that be great! Thanks Sharon , for making my friend smile today.


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