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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Thursday, April 12

Happy Easter, Happy DEADLINE and BIG Storm!

It was nice to have a family picture taken on Easter.....usually I can't get my Valentine Boys to smile or even sit still for 5 minutes to take one. Both of them just ABHORE the can that be when I am a scrapbooker? I tell them they MUST smile, but it just doesn't happen! Notice my paisley shirt?? Joe said he had one with the exact same print when he was Ian's age, LOL. All in all, it was a nice Easter. We had a family collaborative dinner - Joe made the lamb roast, I made a key lime tart, my S.I.L made potatoes and a salad and my Mom made roasted carrots from the Food Magazine... it was nice...the children were even mildy behaved and played well together....

On to other things, the April ScrapMuse deadline for projects came yesterday and I am happy to report that I am ready to start on the newsletter. I've been designing the ScrapMuse monthly newsletter since September, 2004.....each month I have a plethora of pages, projects and articles to put together for our members to the beginning I was limited to 8 or 10 pages because they were printed and included in the kit. Now that we've changed the format to PDF files and make them available for the members to download and print as they desire - the potential for the newsletter is totally unlimeted. Last month I think that we had 14 pages....this month I think it may be a tad longer.... hoping to have it finished tonight. The kit was lovely to work with - and the team did an awesome job with their commitment, it's a good thing!

On to other news, CAN YOU BELIEVE ANOTHER WINTER STORM WARNING is hogging the news today? I have never been much of a complainer when it comes to weather - I love living in Maine because we TRULY experience the 4 seasons (well 6 if you include mud and blackfly season.....) but come on, this has got to STOP! And, to top that - there's another one forcasted for Sunday and into Monday....Calgon, we still need water - but give me a freakin' break!

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  1. Cat, that fam pic is SO GOOD! You guys look great! love it!

    As for the newsletter... you do a fantastic job... we are all so lucky to have to doing it! I look forward to it, every month.

    SNOW??? yikes, we are safe for tomorrow, after that... not sure! Yuck.. I'm ready to be done with it!!!


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