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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Sunday, April 1

a Stellar WEEKend!!

Wow, what a whirlwind of a weekend - but a great one at that! Saturday I drove down to Topsfield, MA. to teach at a Sewing on Paper class at Absolutely Everything. Wow, it was lots of fun. The morning class I had 8 and we made the Art from the Heart Butterfly ATC Album and in the Afternoon we made the pages for the Album and some ATC's.
I was disappointed that we didn't finish the album in the morning, but a few of the ladies in the afternoon spent some time at the end of the class finishing the pages up and learning how to make the ATC Storage pages from Page protectors! I'll post the directions for them soon.
Theresa - I promise to get the directions typed up for you - I haven't forgotten I just spent the day at church this morning then Sunday School and then I worked on painting my bedroom (it's a beautiful Robin's Egg Blue) so it will be done before they install the carpeting. tomorrow....
On other news, my sweet Little V started a fund raiser (on his own, I might add) at Christmas time selling the chocolates that came in his Christmas stocking - can you believe he sold his Godiva chocolate coins and the ones from Caeser's Palace I got while I was in Las Vegas???? I think he was a boy on a mission. He got a buck a piece for them so it was OK. From that little venture he raised about $15.00 which he has been planning to give to Bernie Berlin and her Rescue "A Place to Bark". But, lazy Mom hasn't gotten it together to have him write a letter to Bernie and take a picture of him with Guinness and send her the money. I guess everything happens for a reason! Imagine my joy and excitement when I learned yesterday from Kate that she {Bernie} is coming to Absolutely Everything in Topsfield in April! I could barely conceal my joy! I think she thought I was a little crazy when I shreaked out loud, LOL.... sorry Kate! So, this morning after church we went to the big Tar-jet and replenished the supply of chocolates and made a little sign to try and raise $15.00 more dollars in the next three weeks to give to her IN PERSON!
Target, didn't have any chocolate coins, but they did have Hershey Nuggets....on sale no less!! 2 bags for $4.00. {Ian offered to give me 50 cents to pay for the chocolates, ha ha ha. I told him it was my donation to the cause.} I didn't think he'd get a buck a Nugget so I picked up two bags for him. They are in a Godiva box, {does that count??} with a fancy plastic pineapple container for the money collection. Right now we're on the honor system as far as money collection goes, but it's all family so I am sure we'll collect the right amount.

ps. I am not sure why the line spacing gets all messed up - sorry if it's to hard to read....


  1. That is just the coolest thing EVER! Tell him I am SO SO PROUD of him!

    ssshhh... dont tell , but I'm sending him my donation in the morning.
    I'm so touched!What a sweet little guy you have Cat!

  2. How cool - he sooo rocks!!! That is such a wonderful idea!!!


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