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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Sunday, April 29

Life is.....

just busy! I read a great post on Ali's blog today about being to busy....and that's how I feel right now. Stressing myself right into the bathroom, and just when I feel like that light at the end of the tunnel get's brighter - we have another set back. What have I been doing that's so darn important you ask?
  • Well, the Little V was in the Variety Show at school. He sang "Porcupine Pie" by Neil Diamond. OH my how cute he was and what an awesome job he did singing. I totally loved every moment of hearing him sing. In case you were wondering, I can rehearese the Pie song backwards and forwards in perfect tune - in my sleep. It's all we've been talking about here for about the last 8 weeks.
  • Cub Scout meeting at the Dump, er, I mean Land Fill and a photo session at my LSS with the awesome Joanne Lee. (I"ll share if she says ok.....promise).
  • When we weren't talking about the Variety Show - we were talking about the trip to the Bostom Museum of Science. Not just a trip but a sleep over. A bit of a logistical nightmare because I wasn't actually doing the sleepover - the Big V was and since he was in another location we had to arrange a meet and drop spot and then I had a sleepover of my own. Logistial Nightmare and lots of mileage. But, we all had a great time so that was all that mattered!
  • Little V makes his first communion/confirmation soon. We spent several HOURS at the church practicing today. They forgot his and his cousin's name on the list - so they weren't called to stand in line. ggggrrrrr, very unorganized. But, still re-thinking the Catholic School gig for next year.
  • The Big V retires from the his time in the military in 13 ish days. Yahoo, no more weekend visits we get him full time! Another logistical nighmare due to the fact that he's 4 hours away and so is the ceremony.
  • We still aren't living in our house. Each and every day is consumed with calling the unorganized, condescending, uneducated car salesman that's handling the pseudo-organizing of this venture to deal with this issue or that issue. Things ARE crawling forward- but there are daily struggles. The BRAND spankin' NEW Viking Range we had delivered and installed last week, is beautiful and looks nice in it's spot. But the oven does not work. Yup. Doesn't work. Makes me wonder if it was really new or something another customer rejected? One of the toilets upstairs leaks TONS of water when you flush it. There are holes in the walls that they want to fix AFTER we have paid them. The man that designed our septic system made an error and wrote 47 feet in one place instead of 17 - putting our septic system - oh in my dining room...... I will be so bored when this is done I tell you!!
  • Projects for Creative TECHniques, ScrapMuse {neener neener neener my kit came yesterday} Absolutely Everything and class samples for Kelley at Scrapbooks and Beyond.

That's it though I know there's more! I need a break man! Hey Big V, I need a vacation!! :-)

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  1. Oh Kitty... BUMMER!!! You are one busy gal! I hope all the house stuff gets figured out soon... that's probably the biggest stresser,huh? Big V... the girl needs a vacation... COME TO NE! lol
    I'm letting you gloat about having your kit already... Just because I'm feel'n sorry for ya! lol Hugs!


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