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Monday, April 23


Life has a way of getting in the way of my blogging.....but today I promise to not go so long in between posts! Last week was one HECK of a week - school vacation, flood dealings, teaching and getting my Little V to the Boston Museum of Science. I hope that this week things will settle down so I can work on assignments for EK and Creative TECHniques Magazine...Let's hope. Anyway, Saturday on the way down to meet the Big V to hand the Little V over for the overnight stay at the Museum we stopped at Absolutely Everything to spend a minute talking with Bernie Berlin about her dog/cat rescue {A Place to Bark} and for the Little V to give her the money he raised. I will tell you that it was the most rewarding experience for him to actually see the joy and happiness (and a few tears) from the fruit of his labors. He worked so hard on raising money - and was so dedicated to making life for the animals at her rescue better - that he wants to do it "again"! I am so proud of him! Bernie was very gracious, thankful and totally awesome - which made the experience so wonderful for Ian {and Mom...}. She took a break from the class she was teaching to come out and talk to us, and when she saw Ian and his ziplock baggie full of money she had tears in her eyes. Ian was suddenly shy - like the cat got his tongue - but he managed to spit out a few words about how he raised the money and how much. It was all over for him though when Bernie gave him a big hug. His face got red and he went and hid behind a display of glue. To cute! As soon as she puts up the picture on her blog I'll link it over so you can see how cute the two of them are! Thanks Bernie for being so kind and gracious! I hope you'll make it to Maine sometime!


  1. ahhh- that is sooo sweet!!! Can#t wait to see the picture!

  2. THat is just so sweet! Cat you are raising Ian to be such a cool kid! You are a GOOD mom , my friend!


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