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Monday, April 2

Diva Night....FREE Make and Take

I'm doing a Make and Take this Friday Night at Scrapbooks & Beyond....we'll be making this lovely ATC..... with glitter, a little hand stitching, a vintage butterfly - and what I am sure is to be a GREAT time. The make and take starts at 6:00 - Nat and Vic - please DON'T be late....ha ha ha. This is one of the Creative Tornado projects I was talking about a while back....... Teresa, sorry I spelled your name wrong yesterday.... getting ready to start on those directions next. Don't forget to email me..... Today I spent most of my day painting my bedroom, as I did most of yesterday afternoon. It's going to be beautiful. The weather outside was dreary - and I was oh, so happy in my Robin's Egg Blue bedroom. I am almost done painting and promise to take some pictures and post them this week. On other new home news, the carpets should be installed sometime next week {he said Friday, but you know how THAT goes....Friday always means next week....} and we are still waiting for water, the power to be finished {fixtures installed}, plumbing {toilets, sinks, etc.} and appliances. We are also waiting on all the site work to be done! CALGON I am tired of waiting for my freaking tub for you to take me away!! Git 'er done It has been a very long and hard road. I found out today that the wonderful woman we were working with Holly is no longer working for them. This must be one tough joint because this is the THIRD person to just disappear from the scenery. It's to bad they let her go - she was the ONE saving grace, the ONLY thing that was a positive experience during this whole 8 months. Enough complaining.... I need to get to work on my ScrapMuse kit.... See you later alligators :-) Nighty night cranky!


  1. Ohhhhhh I want to come - what a gorgoeus card!!!

    Mmmmh - wait - it is 1.30 pm here- so if I take a flight now I'm at your place in eight hours and the time difference is six hours - so I will be there at 3.30 pm - well that sounds doable - LOL

  2. tell, Nat to pick me up on her way, okay. Germany,to Nebraska, and straight to you!lol


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