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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Sunday, April 15

I've BEEN tagged!

Tagged by the wonderfully talented Vicki Chrisman with the thinking blogger award - thanks Vic!! I read her BLOG daily, she's got a wonderful sense of color, design and is also on the ScrapMuse Design Team with me! Too bad she was the one that tagged me because now I can't tag her.....LOL. Now, to choose my list of thinking bloggers!!
  • Jane Wynn's Studio: Jane has the coolest projects ranging from jewelry to shrines and drawings. I love her work, and can't wait to see her new book: Altered Curiosities.
  • There's A Problem in My House: Lana is the most inspiring artist - she has a wonderful way with words - and she's got 3 beautiful kids that she scraps. She's also on the ScrapMuse DT.
  • Print and Pattern: This is an awesome blog for color trends, patterns and just really COOL stuff.
  • Claudia Roulier: Claudia has a WAY with transfers pocket shrines! She comes up with some of the coolest things, love her stuff!
  • Rebecca Sower: Another very talented woman - and also very uplifting and inspirational and kind.

Ok, so that's a few people from Daily Reading list.....who's on your daily blog reading list?

I've got some home pictures to upload here, but the Big V took his camera back to Rhode Island so you'll have to wait!! Our lighting was installed this week and I think the stove will be delivered this coming week. Our shallow well has been installed - and we're ready for the plumber to come and start plumbing!! LOL. Soon people soon. Every night lately I have images of my studio {future studio} dancing around in my head. I wake up with lots of ideas of the way I want to arrange things....I've even found some plans for a cool rounder thing to store my stash out in the open so I can see what I it still called stash if it's not stashed away? I think not.

We've got another HUGE big gargantuan storm headed our way. Forcasting 2 to 4 inches of rain and 2 to 18" inches of SNOW>OH MY freakin' gosh. Make it stop people. I can't handle it any longer....just kidding. But, my little Valentine and I brought wood in for the wood stove, filled water containers got candles and a flash light ready and at the waiting, and the wood stove is READY for a match to start it IN CASE we loose power - which they say most likely WILL happen. The portable DVD player is on the cell is on the charger....and the laptop is unplugged from it's strip to save it from any surges. Before I go to bed tonight I'll have to unplug this baby to save IT from surges too.

We have plenty of milk, and shortly we're going to make some banana bread. We have plenty of canned goods in the "store" in the basement....I think we're good. Just make it stop and the Girl Scout in me won't be disappointed, k. NO storm...please?

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