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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Monday, April 30

Joanne Lee Rocks!

So I got these LOVELY proofs from Joanne on Sunday....she is an awesome photographer...a [and she told me how to make a cool background like she has....add that to my TO DO list!] I loved her camera - it was a Canon 5D I think with a honkin' way cool lens. Totally awesome. Wanted it. We had so many laughs, she was such fun, and so patient and kind to Ian - that explains why she was a teacher. BTW, I am not to pleased with my haircut - just in case you noticed my hair was shorter!! LOL. I told you I was going to get rid of the Wild Mountain Man hairdo....but it's just a tad bit not what I wanted. Go figure.

But really, are we ever REALLY happy with our hair? I don't think I am. There are very few times that I have absolutely hated my hair - like a couple of years ago - but I don't hate my hair right now. It's short. It's cute. I don't look so white trashy can't afford a hair cut, but it's just NOT what I wanted.

I also reflected as I sat and had Cindy cut 4 inches of hair off, that everytime IN MY LIFE I find myself in personal crisis, I wack my hair off. Totally WAY off. This house business I guess I consider a personal crisis - so off it came. It feels good to have short hair again!


  1. Fantastic photos!!! and your hair is CUTE!

  2. I hated my hair before too because it is too bulky. Then I learned to go to parlor, and go for total hair makeover. That was in taiwan before I go home, and very much happy with the result and with the color. They were the best rebonder I've ever tried. And now I'm satisfied with the new looks of my hair as much as I've been inlove with Lia Sophia for Cheap jewelry that I've bought recently.


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