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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Monday, March 9

What a weekend!

Perfect weather. I wish we could have 3 weeks of weather like we had on Saturday. Warm days, well - warm enough for a short sleeve shirt and a light jacket, it was awesome. Saturday we got up and went right out into the back 40 snow shoeing. My boy is such a trooper, after about an hour he decided he'd had it and wanted to go home and get on with our day. so we did.

We had decided to go to the local Farmer's Market again and ask my Mom to go with us for our Saturday errands. My Dad decided he wanted to come too...I was so happy to be able to make fresh carrot and beet juice again. So refreshing to me. Yum. Can't wait to grow them in my garden and make juice from my own organic veggies!

The market and the Frontier Cafe are housed in this beautiful brick mill. In the early 1900's it was a textile mill - they made some type of fabric. My Pepere (french for Grandfather) worked there. In the 80's my father worked in this building as an inventory clerk. In the 90's it had been restored and converted to offices and I worked there, I was lucky, my office overlooked the river. My other grandfather worked in this building too but I'm not sure what he did. It was fun seeing my boy's face when he heard that his Mother, Grandfather and Great Grandfather had worked here.

This beautiful flower was on the table at the Frontier. Anyone know what it is? it was very exotic, and the color just stunning!

My lunch, the mediterranean plate, but they forgot the Feta....bummer that I didn't remember that it was supposed to have that until I got home!!

A couple of pictures from our little trek in the woods on Saturday. It was warm enough that we brought the dog, she was pretty happy, though she stuck to the trail pretty much. When she didn't she sunk up to her shoulders in snow! My boy, I can hardly believe he's so tall!

Sunday I went to my friend Karen's house, for an artful afternoon. We have a small group of ladies that get together once a month, Karen made a lovely lunch for us, had a project for everyone to do and I worked on finishing up these wooden block ATC's. My friend Sarah is organizing a swap of these over at Paper Whimsy. We've been talking about a swap for a while, and we finally decided on this style. My husband cut the blocks out for me, I think he used regular pine, they are about 3/4 of an inch thick.

I have a few little touches to add and they'll be on their way to new homes....hopefully by the end of the week!

I worked on this pile of things for an April 15th deadline....sorry I can't show you more - but hopefully you'll see soon enough!

That's all for today, I've got to get kickin' on this one project I'm working on today.....send me some calgon, will ya? Oh, and the winner of the little K & Co. Make and Take is: ROSE!! Send me your addy Rose and I'll send this to you this week!

Thanks for visiting and Ta Ta for Now!


  1. Love those cards!!!!

    Oh that farmer's market looks so awesome!!!

  2. love fresh juice! I make mine with spinach, cucumber, lemons, apples, ginger and celery. yum! love the ATC's! your trail looks like ours here. snow covered and SO beautiful. ciao!

  3. the farmers market sounds wonderful! I can't think of that flower but I had one once corey had gotten it for me. darn it the name just escapes me right now. Love your atc's! How fun to mount them on wood!

  4. Love the numbered blocks and that little pile looks interesting.


  5. love your wooden atc's and i know that i LOVE what is in that pile of to-do projects!!!

    your lunch from saturday looked yummy!! sorry about no feta :(

    can't wait to see what your finished creations.

  6. Man oh Man Girly.. you have been BUSY! Love love love those cards! All of them. ummm... and the ATC I got in the mail today! Ohhhh.. it's so so cute! THankyou sweetie!
    I loved everything about this post!

  7. Glad you could make it on Sunday! Sassy was glad you could make it on Sunday! :) Can't wait to see the finished stack...

  8. had a blast with you at Karen's...look forward to play date on a coming-up Monday

  9. Cool ATCs, you do have a talent for them.

    The plant might be a ginger.

    Found your link on the New England list and enjoyed visiting your creative space.Thanks for sharing.

  10. WOW!!!!!!!! Love the wooden ATC's!!! Thay are really precious!
    Got your little one this Friday - green fairy, she's so preicous!
    Working on a wedding album contract but will do up some ATC's this week! Ohhhh and you have 2 going your way! Have a great Sunday dearest Catherine and enjoy! I'm off to a local Antique show!!!! Hope something will be coming home with me! Hugs Sxx


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