Creative Jumpstart 2021

Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Sunday, March 22


and this is why!! Today a freak snowstorm came - and lasted for moments really. it was just enough of a reminder that winter is still here that I wanted to put my head under the sand and wake up next month! I suppose if I was putting my head in the sand then the snow would be gone and the ground thawed out.....hmmmm. Sounds nice to me. 15 minutes later the sun was shining...I guess it was an April shower a few days early!

The neighborhood children were playing outside today with a ball, and the dog kept taking over the ball and the game...she had to sit on my lap instead. Here's she's looking longingly at the game....but most likely at the ball. She wants that ball even if it is bigger than she is, now that's a sight to see.

My lovely boy brought this to me in the middle of the game....he's got an eye for this shape. I have stacks of them everywhere. Love them. Am thinking of a way to make a cool canvas out of them.

More pictures from the weekend tomorrow. Today was Maple Syrup Sunday at Big Jim's (my cousin) and Saturday we started training for the boy's first season of Cross Country. I keep telling myself it'll be good for me....I mean him ;-)
Ta Ta for now and sleep tight.

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  1. we had a surprise dump of snow as well. it is spring isn't it? ciao!


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