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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Wednesday, March 25

I told you he had an eye for those....

Remember the other day I told you my boy had an eye for finding heart shaped rocks?? Looks like he has an eye for finding that matter how far it is!! Yesterday when we were starting our spring training on the bike path he said to me, look Mom, the ice has created a heart shape. I looked and looked and couldn't for the life of me find it without him pointing it out to was about 15 feet away, down a little gully on the edge of a storm drain.

I'm going to start calling him eagle eye. I just don't for the life of me see how he saw that from so far away....

Here's a close-up so you can see the heart.

Here's the heart, right about where my heart is in my shadow. I zoomed in as far as my little camera would zoom.
Here's the heart at the edge of the storm drain. Can you see it? It's pretty far away....
I hope he always pays that close attention to detail, especially when I send him to the pantry to find the dogfood...that's right in front of his face and he can't find it.

On to other things...wanted to share how the chickies look in their peat pot baskets.


These peat pots were so easy to make. I had a bunch of left over paint from when we painted our house, so I popped the tops off of the cans and dipped them in the yellow for the bottom. Let them dry and then dipped them in the yellow for the top. When they were dry I used a hot glue gun to add the flower, ribbon and Prima center. So easy.

Right now though, the chocolate bunnies have my attention.


  1. oh these are just darling!!
    laughing at little man seeing the heart so far away,reminds me of my little guy who does the same, I think what I cannot see,but then us crafters have bad eyes now and we have had our peeps longer than the little guys!

  2. Those chicks are adorable!!! Too cute! The blue flowers really add to the entire piece. I could just eat those chocolate bunnies right through the computer screen!

  3. Those pots are adorable... and I'M SO LOVING THAT ICE HEART!!! That is AMAZING!!

  4. That heart is so cool (pardon the pun!)!!! ~Lori

  5. wow that's really amazing!
    love the picture of the heart!!!
    Eagle eye for sure!
    Happy you had your camera to take a picture!

    Love the little chicks.... ohhhhh I so would wish to live close by to create with you!


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