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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Tuesday, March 3


Today was just what the Dr. ordered. Not that I went to the Dr., I try to avoid that at pretty much all cost, but if I had gone to the Dr. she would have recommended that I get outside for some fresh air, some lovely sun to activate the vitamin D in my body, some exercise to get my endorphins working - and some laughing and great company with a good friend, that is exactly what today was!

After a relaxed morning at home with my husband, then running to the landfill to get rid of the stinky garbage and dropping drumming books and stix off at school I zipped down to my friend Hannah's house. We've been talking about going out in her back 40 for a lovely shoe shoeing trek all winter long, and today we finally did it. {Actually, Hannah's lovely little girl decided that we were snow hiking, so that's what we decided to call our trek today.} Through the woods, we bush hogged a trail down to the ocean. Oh, what we'll do for a lovely view of the ocean, it was heavenly and worth every minute of it.

After that we drove to another beach where we had a little time to hunt here and there for sea glass. We each found a few pieces - and some cool shells too. After that it was a lovely lunch of an open faced sandwich on Ezekial bread with hummus, spring greens and avocado, and a nice relaxing chat. It was exactly what my soul needed today to forget for the afternoon that the winter has been driving me nuts! THANK you Hannah, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and loved having your little one in the pack on my back listening to her sing and talk to me. It was a perfect day for sure!

Look at the lovely pattern on this branch, it kind of looks like a turkey track.

Snow Hiking with my little friend, notice the full backpack?? :-)

My lovely, kind and fun friend Hannah - notice the empty backpack?? :-)

You would never know from looking at this picture that we waded through snow up to our knees to get here would you? Good thing Hannah loaned me her Gators! My fingers were frozen to the bone from picking up sea glass and shells, and I still didn't want to leave. I love the hunt, and it looks to me like Hannah likes it as much as I do!

The rest of the pictures are just random ones from our day!

Thanks for visiting, ta ta for now!


  1. Ohh loving those pix! And the fresh air must have been wonderful. Huge hugs!!!

  2. gorgeous pictures! I can remember wearing bethany on my back when she was small. Looks like a great time thanks for sharing!

  3. This looks like home. But then we're practically neighbors, with the same kind of weather and topography!

    Stay well! xoxo

  4. Love the pictures and your comments. I had a great day too. Thanks for not sharing that I am so out of shape that I couldn't carry myself and Nina through the snow. Love Hannah


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