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Friday, March 6

Friday Randomness....and TGIF!!

I'm pretty glad that it's Friday, and very relieved that the weather man messed up his forcast for us. They predicted snow, sleet and all kinds of messiness - and we just got rain. Plain old wet and cold rain. Rain that isn't slippery, or icy or nasty yucky. Dare I hope that Spring is close at hand? I'd better not, right Mother Nature may knock us back to our senses really quickly!

Today I ran into one of my favorite stores in the area, Borders!! Gotta love some inspiration and some reading. I'm excited to start my new book later tonight after the boy goes to bed, The King's Grace by Anne Easter Smith. It sounds great....but I'm more excited to start reading this...Somerset Apprentice, I just could not say no to this magazine. After a quick flip through it I decided i had to have it - and who wouldn't want it with this beautiful art on the cover? I only wish I had this beautiful canvas to hang on my wall, I am totally in love with it!!

In other news, I went out snowshoeing again yesterday, but decided after my hike with Hannah that I'd kick it up a notch and wear my husband's survival backpack loaded up with half a bag of wood pellets from the wood stove. I can tell you that it was an amazing workout, but I'm glad I brought my iPod and listened to that instead of heavy breathing!! he he. It was a great workout and I can't wait to go again in the morning with my boy. I don't think I'll make him wear a pack though :-)
My butt is really not as big as my shadow makes it look, really - it's not!

How do you suppose that acorn got in this indentation in the tree?? It was lodged in so tight I couldn't get it out....hmmm. Gotta wonder about that one!

Nature's sculpture, very interesting! I might try and lug it home when it thaws out from the snow and ice and put it in my garden somewhere!

I got an envelope in the mail today from the lovely JenXo from Australia. She sent me several cool pieces of punchinella, a lovely ATC for my collection and a hand made card! THANKS Jen - I love everything! Can't wait to use that funky ribbon! I'm lucky I got anything because the envelope had a huge rip in it and though I'm not sure if anything fell out - I don't think so.

This is a gorgeous card! I may frame it!

Fun ATC!!

So, in honor of Jen's generosity, I've decided to give away a little make n' take that was sent to me from K & Co. I'll pick the winner on Monday comment on this post to be eligible!

Tomorrow is going to be a great day, with highs in the 50's....can you hear me, I'm happy!!

Thanks for visiting and Ta Ta For Now.


  1. She did beautiful work! I love that card and ATC!

  2. Thanks Catherine, it was my pleasure...and nothing looks like it was missing thank goodness!!jenxo

  3. the photos from your workout hike are amazing I love them!!!!

  4. Hi Catherine..ooh you'll have to let me know about the somerset book . I have something on my blog for you xxx

  5. catherine,
    what great photos... love them (and that shadow does NOT make your butt look big!!;) )

    i too just got somerset apprentice yesterday and it is so yummy, can't wait to try my hand at many of the projects within it.

    have a wonderful day, it is supposed to get back into the 70's today, but yesterday the forecasters missed the 70's mark, it was 81!!!

    have a great weekend!!

  6. I think you should pull that beautiful tangle of woods home. That would be so pretty! Love the ATC's and the punch stuff. Oh how cute I love the owl! Take care you should be getting your goodies soon :)

  7. so glad to hear that your weather has turned around. woke up to falling snow and lost the sidewalk! LOL! love the pics. I should really take a walk outside today with my camera...have a great weekend! ciao!

  8. oh fun pictures,love that piece of wood,you should drag it home as a work out maybe!
    Wonderful Atc you recievedoh must have a look for that somerset apprentice the cover looks stunning!


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