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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Wednesday, March 4

Lucky Me...

It's about time I shared some art, dontchya think? I've been working on these St. Patty's Day ATC's for a couple of days, and decided today that I need to get them finished up and ready to go in the mail. I've also been feeling guilty because I got the butterfly sheet from a Kit Club I belonged to and haven't used anything from any of the kits, so now I don't feel so bad!

This is a series of 7, why 7 I'm not sure...that's just when I got tired of looking for photos and got started on these. I didn't show them all individually, some didn't photograph well - I also think they look better in person. The colors seem all washed out in these pictures.

Today I went to my first yoga class in quite some time, and I am feeling right now like I'm going to be sore. I felt so good when I was done, of all the different styles of yoga I've done I've never tried I'd never done the one we did today - it was great. Fast moving at the beginning and moves I'd never done before. I felt awesome and can't wait until the class on Friday!

Well that's all for now, thanks for visiting and have a great rest of your day! To those who get ATC's from me - start checking your mailboxes next week for one of these :-) TTFN!


  1. catherine,

    these are adorable! so glad to see some of your works of he{art}!! i hope that you aren't too sore for too long... hang in there!!

  2. love the ATC's! yoga will get addicting! I do it every morning and it is a beautiful way to start my day. happy thursday! ciao!

  3. CAT, just love these gorgeous ATCs. Enjoy your yoga!!!

    Hugs Sarah xx

  4. These are so gorgeous!! I love the colours so much!

  5. Stunning ATCs! Love the green polka dot wings! Great work! Are you going to do some yoga ATCs in the near future? ;-)

  6. yummy yummy!
    They are devine! love the fuzzy ribbon and the wings! And the best past the Amy B paper! You got me rap up arround your finger for sure!
    mmmmmm I guess with our past history... I should get one of those!!! Great ~ Thanks!!!!

    I have 2 to send to you.... forgot them at home - oups!
    will pick them up at the end of my day and mail them out!

    enjoy your Yoga!!!

  7. Those are so amazing!!!! I love them soo sooo much!

  8. These are wonderful, love the colors.


  9. gorgeous cat like usual!!! I love the colors and the wings! So pretty! I have some done for you I'm going to pop them in the mail tomorrow! So tell me what type of yoga did you do? I love it it just seems to make me feel so much better. Did you ever get the wii fit?

  10. I'm sitting here thinking I will go back to yoga classes. I try to do it at home, but the day slips by and....

    May you have the luck of the Irish (isn't Scanlon an Irish name??).



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