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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Monday, March 23

Knowing the Flowers and feeling creative!

I've been creating up a storm over the weekend. It seems like whenever I have a lot of contracted work on my table I just want to create things other than what I am supposed to be creating. Case in point, I've been thinking of these plastic bugs that I have - hiding in a jar on a shelf in my studio. Now, only half of them are hiding in the jar because the other half are on these ATC's.

I've had these 7 Gypsies ATC's with the tabs for the spinner already punched out. But I didn't like them....(oh, and the other thing is I'm on another mission to use up STUFF that I have) because the tabs were cut out of the ATC. So, I re-invented them by sandwiching them in-between the front and back of my ATC - sticking out just enough to allow the card to sit on the spinner and still have a full sized ATC attached. I also didnt' think these ATC's would fit in the plastic sleeves that go on the spinner because the bugs make them pretty thick.

These bugs were pretty ugly before I got my hands on them! They were all kinds of bright and ugly they're pretty and iridescent. I'm really happy with the way they came out.

I also made these little chicks. I picked up some small paper mache eggs a couple of weeks ago and wanted to use them for Easter baskets. I was pretty disappointed to find out they were PLASTIC covered paper mache eggs and they aren't very easy to cut. I was using an x-acto blade - and praying that I didn't cut myself because it would have hurt!

They're going to look so cute in the peat-pot baskets I'm working on...more on that tomorrow night! Thanks for the visit....ta ta for now!


  1. Love your atc's, do i spy the holey ribbon stencil background?
    Great idea to use your existing supplies, we have too much stuff!! jenxo

  2. What cool projects - I never would have thought to use plastic bugs in my art. Love it!

  3. Cute little chicks! I love them in the egg cartons :) I love the ATC's too! I mailed your thank you card today and there is a little special something inside for you - it starts with an "A". Have a great spring day!

  4. Love the little chicks, can't wait to see more. I've been playing with some as well, but I did not think about doing the eggs like that, how cute! Glad you did not cut yourself, I've done that before. LOL. NOT fun.


  5. WOW!!! LOVE the butterfly ATC! Well all butterfly I love! WOW! totally cool and hoping that maybe one could fly my way! And when I was in Toronto I received your wooden ATC! totally loving it! and It's on my display shelf in my living room! Thanks for the extra blank one! ~ so many post to read, you were busy! Need to email you my happy moments in Toronto!


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