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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Sunday, March 1

Saturday, oh what a lovely respite from Winter!

Saturday came around this weekend and we decided not to sit around. Instead we headed over the the local flea market to see what old junk we could fall in love with and drag home and to check out the new farmer's market. Wow, what a great day! The farmer's market was some carrots, baby potatoes, Hawaiian salt (yum), some HUGE beets that I made into juice and roasted the rest, a red cabbage and whatever else I can't remember. It was a lovely reminder that I can't wait to start gardending and I came home and drooled over my Johnny's Seed Catalog to see what other lovelies I want to grow.

I also picked up a great cheese box (finally Vic, the first one ever) to put my vintage pictures in so I can keep them close at hand. My button lady wasn't there today, not that I need any more buttons, but who can resist them?

When it was lunch time we decided to head over to the Frontier Cafe and see what all the hullaballo was about it. First, the smell, well it was heavenly. Second, the view - it was breathtaking. We looked out over the bridge and the iced up dam, what was breathtaking to me was the BLUE sky. We haven't had near enough of that lately. Third, not only does the food smell great - it TASTES great. I ordered the Mediterranean Platter, yum. The boys had Reuben's, chips and a GUS. It was an expensive meal, but oh so satisfying and lovely. I think I still have garlic breath from all the garlic in the hummus!

It was an awesome day, a lovely break from the snow. Though, there's another Nor'easter on its way to us. Oh, can I please come visit someone that's living where the weather is warm and the grass green?

I forgot to share these two pictures from last week. This tree is in the middle of my field. Not really my field but the field that I love to snow shoe through in the back forty. Isn't it pretty? The other side of it is white from the driving snow from the snowstorm from LAST weekend.

The above picture shows Elm Stree in my quaint little town. So pretty with the snow on the trees.

Well, ta ta for now. Gotta get some things done!

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  1. I love fresh beets yum! Love all of your pictures they are gorgeous! That big tree would be so pretty framed! The boys look so sweet. Hope all is well in your snowy neck of the woods!


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