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Tuesday, September 18

Quickie today!!

Sorry I don't post yesterday, got stuck in the studio and my supplies wouldn't let me come out, ha ha ha. Anyway, made this fun little hanging card yesterday. I am addicted to these little buggers. Been thinking I might make a bunch and put them in my Etsy shop. If you are interested in these, please tell me - would you pay $12.50 plus postage for one? The size is about 5 x 7 and as you can see are very three dimensional....just kinda checking. If you are interested in this one, let me's available ;-)
The Tree below is for my Sewing on Paper class on October 7th in Topsfield. Have three done and one left to do. So far, this one is my absolute favorite! I don't have Glimmer Mist, so I use RAdiant Rains from LuminArte (that's what Kate carries in the store). Can you tell how I used the Rain spray?? I am just like my friend Vic, but I am addicted to the Radiant Rains (that's all I can find around here....) LOL. Have a great day everyone. I've got a cub scout project to work on today for the troop....


  1. wow wow wow - awesome!!!!!!! And yes- I would pay this!

  2. Those are beautiful Catherine! I think that is a great price, looks like a lot of time you spent on them!!! Wow totally love that tree with the pics on it. wow.

  3. I'm serious Cat... "I" WANT to buy that!!! CAN I???


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