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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Thursday, September 13

The Leaves are Changing!

Thought I'd share this picture I took of the Little V a few days ago holding a red leaf, yes thatdoes mean that fall is right around the corner....not to mention that it's been pretty cold at night. The days have been warm, so that's a wonderful thing - warming up the house. Right now my fingers are so cold I am having a hard time typing!

Today I gota ton of stuff done, and really kicked it up a notch on my treadmill, and that felt pretty darn GREAT! I created two pages for EK Success to use for the SDU (Scrapbook Design University) that I wish I could share with you...I am really in love with them. Totally out of the box for work I usually do for them. Anyway, the challenge was for journaling - and I really need to follow the prompts that they sent when I do that on my pages in the future. Wow, I dragged my feet on getting these pages done - but once I settled down to get my assignment done I totally rocked it. I am very happy. Tomorrow I'll be sharing 3 of the 4 pages we'll be making at Absolutely Everything on October 7th, thanks Kristin for that! My class is on Sunday, October 7th from 12 to 4. 4 pages 4 hours....better get stitchin!!

On another note, thought I'd share a favorite pass time of the Little V. He likes to walk up to Gram's house in the mornings on the weekends and pick the tomato hornworms off of her tomato plants....he also likes to throw the rotten fruit in the woods - and sometimes we catch him throwing the good ones in the woods too! LOL. We've got pumpkins growing in the patch, and the rest of the veggies are about done forthe year. I am not sure, but it might get so cold we have a frost tonight. Yes, it's that cold.

But, right now I am not happy because the Presidential Address just came on and I am really sick of hearing the justifications for not bringing our boys home. I suppose it's time to say good night before before I start talking about religion too! LOL. Nighty night everyone.


  1. Oh that is SO Sweet.. I love the thought of him picking worms and throwing rotten tomatoes!... Now thats what boys should be doing!

  2. I'm so ready for fall what a gorgeous leaf! Bethany is our tomato picker..funny she doesnt like to eat them though!


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