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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Thursday, June 7

My NEW laptop desk!

I mentioned my new laptop desk a couple of days ago - the one I got for 2 bucks at my brother's yard sale....well here it is. It's actually a child's desk but it will be perfect for my boudoir chair I plan on having in my studio. After I add some castors to the bottom - this little gem will perfect for my 17" HP. I can store my date book and my mouse pad nicely inside - easy to reach yet out of sight when not in use.... and there's even a spot for a pencil so it won't roll is GRAND I tell ya! This has so many layers of stuff. First I painted it with regular acrylic paint to hide the nasty graffiti, then I glued down so fabulous tissue paper I picked up at Barnes and Noble ages ago. Then it was crackle, crackle, crackle and MORE crackle. When I was satisfied with that I added some acrylic paint and brown ink from Ranger to make it look a bit older than it is. I am toying with painting the legs turquoise to match the Making Memories paint dabbed on the top....what do you think?? To finish things off I sealed it with several coats of inferior (Krylon rocks) imitation Triple Thick Clear Glaze. Why didn't I get Krylon you ask? Because I was in a hurry, had a 40% off coupon to Jo Anns and that's that.... ;-) BTW, just wanted to mention that I always take pictures of my feet. For whatever reason - I love to do that especially when I have a fresh manicure or new shoes....Today - well I just wanted to stand on my desk... ha! That's my excuse for today... ha! Tell me what you think about painting the legs to match the turqouise. Remember, my studio is painted a totally different color of blue... and, I am feeling like I can't spell today so please accept my apologies in advance!! TTFN, gotta run down to the bus stop and get the Little V.


  1. Ohhh cat- this freaking rocks- I love love love this!!!! I would paint the legs too - but that is just because I love swinging the brush with paints- LOL.


  2. WOW Cat I LOVE your new desk. I also love that you used a map. How cool. Now about painting the legs. YES YES YES. But I am not sure about turqouise, and that is only because your walls are a different blue. How about a mustard yellow/gold color. It would go with both blues better. Just my opinion. Love it whatever you decide.

  3. Okay, this is the THIRD freakin' time I've tried to leave a comment...oh, I just love technology!

    Let's see...
    Paint 'em
    Sue 'em
    Bring me to Massachusetts with you on tuesday!

    there you have it in a nutshell!

  4. Love the desk and I totally agree with Jamie, a beautiful aged gold would be great!


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