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Monday, June 4

Crackle Glaze

I've had quite a few people ask me what I use for Crackle Glaze on my projects....and I've got to admit - that I've used the craft store products in the past and they have sucked big time. Mixed results - sometimes fantastic sometimes AWFUL results even if the process was the same. After putting so much effort into a piece of art, getting mixed results is somewhat frustrating. But what could a girl do anywhoo?? Well, I guess I should shop at the hardware store more often, LOL. I saw this product at Lowe's during my frequent trips for painting supplies, I kept putting off buying it, probably because I didn't want to bring ANOTHER THING INTO THIS HOUSE to take up more space that we don't have to take up!! I've gotta tell ya, NO MORE WILL I be worried about mixed crackle results on my projects or where to put the dang container for that matter ! Fret no more people The American Tradition faux Porcelain Crackle Glaze from Lowe's Hardware store ROCKS my world. I promise, if you like crackle you'll like this stuff! I was so excited I had to share - and my project is not even completely dry yet. I bought a wooden school desk from my brother at their yardsale on Saturday ($2.00 and made of maple) but the top was a little iffy at best (lots of bad words written in marker ..) so I covered it with a piece of fancy schmancy tissue paper that looks like a vintage world map - and now I'm in the process of making it look like very old and worn leather with the crackle glaze and lots of other fun chemicals that have no compromising I promise to share pictures when it's done. Hopefully before the end of the week! I'm in a better mood, we finally had our appointment today...that's really all I can say about that. But making art always makes my heart happy - even if my guts are in a knot like they have been. I also had coffee with two very nice ladies this morning, kindred spirits I think. Thanks Leslie and Hannah - I had a great time! Hope you had fun at Ikea.


  1. I cannot wait to see the finished project! I also want to hear more about your appointment. It was so good having you at my home yesterday. I'm glad you were up for the chaos!

  2. Oh wow- that is some serious Crackle Glaze portion ;.-)


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