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Sunday, June 17

Flowers from my Garden and turtles too!

My flowers are looking so beautiful, it's hard for me not to get them moved down to their new home...the beds will be ready soon I hope. I am such a weirdo, I asked my husband for a truck load of rocks for my birthday so I can get started on all the rock things I want to make. I have set aside two spots in the front of my house for the tiger lillies, peonies, valerium, day lillies, white and purple irises and probably 200 daffodil bulbs that need to be transplanted. I plan on having a tiered bed in the front - with a walk down the center. I am so anxious to get that started!! Right now they at my old house, neglected since I left them in 2002 to move to Washington. We rented our house out for a while and then sold it to my brother. He lives in NM and none of his tenants take care of the grounds either. It's pretty sad, a lot of things have died off already because they were delicate and crowded out. It makes me sad, I am the only one that goes over there and looks at them. I have my little V
mow the lawn in the fenced in part of the yard....he likes being around the flowers too, and he pulls up the pesky ferns for me. Plus he catches lots of bugs and studies them....
Anyway, just how old do you think my peonies are? You'll never guess unless I"ve told you....they came from my grandmother's flower beds - and she got them from her Mother. Can you believe that. They are so tangible - so alive - and women that are a part of my history enjoyed their frangrant beautifulness. I love it. The hot pink and white ones came from my Memere. The light pink ones with the funny centers are some funky breed I picked out of a catalog. LOVE them too. We had a little, well several little visitors today. 4 snapping turtle mama's looking for a place to lay their eggs. They are very funny little creatures, but they are MAKING HOLES IN MY NEWLY PLANTED GRASS and that doesn't make me happy!! Oh well, they'll be gone before we know it and the raccoons will be digging up the holes to eat the eggs.....the circle of life!!


  1. Get outta here- you have turtles there????? They live there???? How cool!!!! Love your garden pictures!

  2. beautiful gardens - found you through the shop, absolutely everything, which is in my back yard. i'm heading there today for the first time!

  3. Your flowers are delightful! Thank you for sharing them :) I wish I could grow peonies here, they are so very beautiful. Mr. Turtle is a cutie pie :)


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