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Tuesday, June 12

Art from the Heart

I am excited BEYOND belief to share my latest big project with you. I got the word last week from Martingale & Company that my new book, Art from the Heart Mixed Media Collage will be on the shelves at a book or craft store near you on November 19th!! Check out the cover - which contains two of my favorite projects from the book - Inez loved Her and Speciman #50. I also need to thank Ana Ventura for her amazing editing and endless patience with me....and Jo Packham and Sara Toliver from Kidara, thank you! I am not sure the book is available for pre-order on Amazon - but as soon as it is I'll be sure to share that information with you!


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  2. oh cat, the cover looks promising!! think i must have it!! :))
    have a good one!!

  3. I am so stinking, crazy, insanly excited.. I cant even tell you!!!!!!!

  4. You are an inspiration, my dear! congratulations!!!

  5. ohhhh another book- yeeaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!


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