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Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Monday, April 30

Welcome Monday!

Last Friday I went as a chaperone on a field trip with my son -- District Three Honors Band practice. The band director didn't really need me -- just just needed to have an extra person in case an emergency or whatever came up and she had to leave. This basically gave me permission to work in my Art Journal ALL dang day. ;-)
I was afraid I would get bored with reading and not sure my iPad would have wireless available, so I brought portable art journaling stuff with me.

I threw my watercolor crayons, a few brushes and pens, my journal and a few quotes I had scratched on a scrap piece of paper in my bag and I was ready to go. The lighting in the auditorium was pretty bad, and I didn't have all the colors I wanted. So I had to make due.  I used the cap from my water bottle, which must have looked pretty comical, but hey -- I had water.
I'm pretty happy though, with making due. The brightness of the colors really makes these trillium's jump off the page, and you would never know -- but the green really was a metallic crayon that when I added water too became the perfect yellow-green to accent my purple.

What I wanted to point out to you today is the shadows that I added. Normally you think of shadows as being dark -- grey or even a light black.
For this I used a really watered down purple -- Purple Palette acrylic paint from Claudine Hellmuth Studios paints to be exact. The same color as the purple circles on the border.

With the yellow in the leaves and green -- the purple really looks lovely and the shadows enhance the cohesion of the color and design. Since, yellow is the compliment of purple -- and my green is more of a yellow-green they look great together. When I  painted the red trillium's the page ended up with a  nice color scheme.

As you work on your art and journals -- keep in mind how the colors you use work together -- dig out your color wheel -- or make your own with samples of paint you use everyday (follow this link for a video to make a color wheel)  Learn about color and you will master any piece of art you create.

Hope you have a GREAT day, thanks for stopping by!

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